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Keeping the romance alive in the later years

As couples age, they often have a difficult time in keeping the romance alive. While this is natural in some ways, a couple can take a few steps to gain back that spark. Here are three tips to keep the romance alive in the later years.

Independent: When couples rely on each other, this causes problems. Instead, both spouses should have their own friends and activities that they enjoy. When this happens, people will be happy to see each other.

Together: Of course, a couple should go out on a date or two a week. When (more…)

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Maintaining dental health as you age

As people grow older, proper dental care becomes very important. Starting in middle age, teeth become more susceptible to the development of cavities and gum disease. In order to maintain dental health as you age, there are some important steps to follow.

Brushing your teeth after every meal and at bedtime remains just as important as you age as when you where young. Brushing will remove plaque, and it will help reduce the chances that you will develop gingivitis. Make sure to use a fluoride (more…)

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Now where’d I put those keys: Maintaining memory during aging

Now Where Did I Put Those Keys: Maintaining Memory During Aging

Growing Old And Growing Wiser
The older we get, the more we have to train our brains. Memory can sometimes seem deceiving. You could swear you left your jacket on that blue chair in the living room, but it is not there. Instead, the jacket is hanging on your coat rack in the bedroom. How could this be? Problems like these are actually quite common. There is no specific reference point that is as clear as making the extra effort (more…)

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Older bands who are still rocking

Although media tends to focus on the newer bands, many older bands are still producing new albums and touring. One of the most famous is the Rolling Stones. Some groups still have their original members, but most of them have a mixture of new and original members. ZZ Top is one of the rare bands that still plays their unique music style with all of the original members.

Other bands that continue to entertain their fans include Aerosmith, Kiss and AC/DC. Some bands reunite every few (more…)

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Age Is A State Of Mind

So what’s your excuse for not getting out and seeing the world?

Is it because you have grown complacent in a job that you might be overqualified for? Maybe it’s because you have reached the point in adulthood where you are now a parent and you just don’t feel like you have the time. Or, maybe it’s because you feel like you’re too old?

For many of us, it seems like we allow age to get in the way of the things we love doing. Whether you feel old or it’s a self-conscious thing where you feel you look too old. Whatever you’re reason; I’m telling you it doesn’t need to be this way. Age is a state of mind.

The key is staying active. You don’t need to run a marathon or lift thousands of tons; you just need to stay active. Some basic aerobics can help get the blood moving when it comes to staying active and you can even incorporate those in your daily life. Pay the bills or look into home security Houston services on a mounted laptop while you take a spin class, go for a jog and walk the dog at the same time, or you can even go for a swim and cool off. There are lots of ways to stay active and you should try to explore your options. After all, we all get old – but that doesn’t mean life has to stop.

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Four ways to continue feeling young throughout life

Most people looking forward to getting older, but no one wants to look or feel old. Fortunately, there are ways that people can keep themselves looking and feeling young throughout their entire life. Smoking and drinking excessively are two behaviors that speed up the aging process as well as contribute to poor health. Smoking should be stopped or avoided completely, but it is alright for most people to have one or two drinks per day.

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it can also contribute to the aging process. Taking a few minutes out of the (more…)

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Books on aging in the modern world

There is a plethora of books on the market dealing with aging in the modern world. Today more than ever before the aging population is growing in the modern world. This fact has brought many books on the subject into the market place. Such themes as insights into faith, how social change is influenced by the aging society, and how to age as independently as possible are all pertinent topics that are being avidly read.
The growing marginalization of the elderly by (more…)

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Tips for good relationships between parents and adult children

Striving towards good relationships between parents and adult children represents an ongoing evolution. As parents age and children mature, the relationship is redefined. A healthy relationship must be between mature adults and not parent and child. The new relationship brings more satisfaction and a newfound genuine friendship.
If the aging parents are experiencing deteriorating health that significantly compromises their good spirits, it is an added challenge for the adult children to keep a positive attitude. Certain diseases are particularly (more…)

General Health Maintenance for the Elderly

Everyday signs of aging are normal, but have you determined if your elderly relative may need homecare? If not, here are a few things to think about when evaluating the general health of the elderly.
Vision: Can your elderly relative see properly? Do they have to wear glasses and if so, when is the last time they had their prescription evaluated? A trip to the opthamologist can solve many minor vision related issues so make an appointment today.
Hearing: Does your lovedone have trouble hearing? If you think your elderly relative might need hearing aids make an appointment for a free hearing test nearby. (more…)

The anti-aging diet: does it exist?

Aging is a part of life many of us would rather ignore, especially as time goes on. However, aging doesn’t have to mean stopping the things you love. While no one can completely avoid the effects of time, you can still see significant benefits with the right combination of exercise and diet. To find out which foods are best, keep reading.

  • Garlic: Vampires had it all wrong. Scientists have found that eating a clove of garlic at least once a week decreases your risk of colon cancer by 50, helps regulate blood sugar levels, and even thins the blood more effectively than aspirin.
  • Beets: While high in flavor, beets are actually low in calories. Within their tasty makeup, they contain folic acid and antioxidants, which protect against heart disease and cancer. Researchers have also discovered beneficial properties on skin and lung tumors. (more…)
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