The First Online Gaming Using VR Technology

The first online gaming using VR technology

About Live Casino

Alive Casino is an online gaming platform designed to seamlessly integrate Blockchain and take advantage of the latest developments in VR technology. Online casinos make previously unseen inroads into the traditional gaming community by offering players all the games and guarantees that physical casinos can offer, while maintaining anonymity and favoring convenience, immediacy and practicality. Furthermore, Alive has developed several partnerships and adopted the technology needed to provide players with various opportunities, including VR games that will be played from day one. Thanks to the 360º view of our virtual casino, the player feels as if he is inside a real 3D casino where players can spin the reels and discover truly interactive slot games. The VR experience continues with the possibility of enjoying live dealer games seamlessly integrated into the VR Casino. The player will not only be able to interact with his dealer in real time but even chat with him, just like he might in a brick-and-mortar casino.

The goal of Alive Casino is to provide a cutting-edge gaming experience that integrates the best of online casinos with the charm and interactivity of the physical. For Alive Casino, the social experience is a priority and hence the social networking features have been integrated into the casino at every level. The combination of social interaction, meeting new friends and communicating with the dealer itself will take the social experience to the next level. Through the integration of proven social-media features, proven gaming and cutting-edge VR technology, Alive strives to provide an extraordinary gaming experience.

How Alive Casino works

How Alive Casino works
The product from Alive Casino is the first online gaming platform using VR technology that allows us to play online games at home by enjoying a real casino with a 360-degree view. With this VR technology it is possible for us to play all kinds of games available in real casinos, we can also engage directly with live dealers, spin the reels, and play other VR games. With this VR technology, we are in a real casino. For those who don’t know what VR is, here’s a brief explanation, namely technology that allows users to interact with an environment that is simulated by a computer, an actual environment that is imitated or truly an environment that only exists in imagination.

Transactions that take place at Alive Casino are visible to everyone on the Alive network because it uses blockchain technology. This means that when dishonest practices are committed, everyone will know about it. This makes Alive Casino the most transparent digital casino. And Alive Casino will also create a utility token that will be used to access all products and services on the platform.

Virtual Reality Casino

The most advanced VR technology will deliver for the future without their convenience. Don’t have headphones? We’re Rated To Have A Lot Of Non-VR Games!

Our distributors have our own

Live Casino dealers work for you! The token folder and community players will be in full contact with the internal dealer team and their managers. Fun, safe and transparent protection is guaranteed.

Token holders get 40%

40% of Alive Casino profits will be distributed to token holders every three months. Alive Casino is a community, not just a business!

Experience virtual reality experience
Alive Casino is the world’s first cryptocurrency casino to integrate VR technology. In addition to our traditional online gaming options, for the future Alive can enjoy live games in HD and VR video. Don’t have a VR headset yet? Don’t worry! You will be able to get one in life.

Direct seller

The dealer at ion club is an expert not only in card matters, but also and player comfort. All Live dealers will be required to have full on social media and will be available to be “friends” of each player.

Live study development

By cooperating to put our BetConstruct in place, we are planning to become a member of our own Live Studio. Life will only get no benefit from having your own dealer as well but will by reducing the cost of using a third party seller, distributing it to more long-term holders of big hearted life.

Live system features

Live Development Team Will Checklist Checklist Verify Multi-Platform System Which in Wallet, to enable Multi-Currency Gaming through Blockchain.

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XR Casino Will Rock the Online Gambling and Sports Betting Industry with Augmented Reality (AR)

XR Casino Will Rock the Online Gambling and Sports Betting Industry with Augmented Reality (AR)


XR Casino Will Rock the Online Gambling and Sports Betting Industry with Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

XR Casino, Inc (“XR Casino” or the “Company”), the first cross-technology, multiplayer and blockchain-based online gambling platform for Extended Reality (XR) technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR), today announced the release date of its MVP.

The company developed the first extended reality platform so users of different devices can play XR Casino games together. An early version of the MVP game that includes blackjack, roulette and slots will launch on August 21, 2021. Sports betting, baccarat, bingo, craps, poker and keno are already part of the development plan.

The list of supported devices includes: Microsoft Hololens 1 and 2, Magic Leap 1, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest 2, smartphones and devices that support Samsung Gear VR and AR such as Apple iPhone, iPad, and more than 39 smartphones and Android devices.

Game features include:

  • Multiplayer Games
  • Private Game Room
  • Common Game Room
  • Text and Voice Chat

“XR technology is changing the way people interact so that people no longer need expensive equipment,” said XR Casino CEO Dan Martinez. “Tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft have invested heavily in AR, VR and MR for mass deployments through both hardware and software solutions. XR Casino has the advantage of being the first to bring XR SaaS solutions to online and traditional casinos, as well as sports betting companies. Our solutions can benefit the gambling industry, with competitive differentiation to attract Generation X, Y and Z players worldwide.”

About XR Casino, Inc.

About XR Casino, Inc.

XR Casino, Inc. is the first cross-technology, multiplayer and blockchain-based online gambling platform for Extended Reality (XR) technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR). For more information, visit

Forward-looking Statements

Certain statements in this press release from may be considered “forward-looking statements”. Forward-looking statements contain current predictions of future events based on certain assumptions. This includes any statements that are not directly related to current facts or facts. Actual results may differ materially from those stated in the forward-looking statements due to a number of important factors, as listed in Company files. In addition to these factors, actual future performance, effects and results may differ materially due to more general factors, including (but not limited to) general industry and market conditions and growth rates, economic conditions, as well as changes in government or public policies. The forward-looking statements in this press release represent the Company’s views as of the press release date, and are subject to change. However, even so, the Company can forward-looking statements, the Company specifically disclaims any obligation to do so. Forward-looking statements should not be relied on as the Company’s views, at any time, since the press release is published. Any forward-looking statements carry risks that are on the Company’s website and reports.

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How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Gambling

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Gambling

Idn Poker Network Review – The leading online Poker Gambling is one of the most popular Online Poker gambling games in Indonesia. For those of you who like betting games in the world of shadow loot, you will be able to find online poker websites loosely. Even then online betting in poker games has become a very accessible strategy for people anytime and anywhere. For those of you who like to play online bookie betting, you can try playing online poker to get even bigger profits.

Opportunity to Win Gambling Idn Poker Network Review

Opportunity to Win Gambling Idn Poker Network Review

The Idn Poker Network Review gambling product at this poker agent has been trusted so that it provides many bonuses for its members and provides giant lessons that bend double. So how do you increase your chances of winning in online poker games?

For those of you who are still beginners in the game, you may find it difficult to hook a win at online poker gambling. There is no need to be confused about the chances of winning in poker gambling. In this case, it is related to product concepts, techniques to accuracy in the installation of soccer gambling.

What is meant along with the level of the card. For those of you who don’t understand the card, you should understand it first. The card group is a starting hand that is distributed by the owner of the money or the representative. If you get one ticket in hand with the same level as USA 10, K 10, Q 10, J 10, pair or two pair. Then it is customary to become a superior card category by increasing your soccer betting nominal by clicking raise, when the card on the table opens for the first three cards that have been opened, it will become a promising ticket combination with a slip in your hand, then increase your bet nominal again by clicking raise / you can do all in. This is one of the opportunities to win online poker gambling.

Another way to increase the chance of winning online poker gambling is by implementing a bluffing bluffing strategy. Having a strategy is one of the systems or a surefire trick to blame the opponent. When you have a card that is not so good you can apply this trick. So that the opponent thinks you have a good card. By bluffing your opponent by increasing the bet up to 3x bigger, it might make your opponent’s mentality disappear.

In addition to the two methods above, there is also a strategy in cq9 site of reading or remembering the prevalence of your opponent, since the origin of the game you should pay attention to the techniques and strategies of soccer betting used by your playing barrier. This can be one of the powerful weapons to kill the opponent’s movement. If your opponent often folds, type low slips and often goes all-in when the cards are high, you should be careful because this type of character will harm you.

Thus a little information that we can allow for online players, regarding how to increase the chance of winning in online poker betting games. By applying the three tricks and techniques above, it will certainly allow you to get a bigger chance to win.

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Avoid Losing Online Gambling

Avoid Losing Online Gambling

Nowadays, people are busy playing online gambling games on ibcbet which are considered both fun and detrimental. One of the structures that players fear the most is failure. Because in reality there are no players who are role models for every betting game who wants to lose. Losing is indeed the most feared thing when playing gambling games.

In fact, every gambling game must have such a thing as defeat and victory while playing. So it has become a natural way to play gambling, win and lose.

So from now on you must know how to avoid losing when playing bets. Especially if you play any type of bet, it can only be played online. So now you don’t have to worry about finding the secret to winning in online betting games.

So now is the right time for you to find out the tips that are applied so that you can avoid losing when playing bets. Therefore, make sure you are sure before playing.

Therefore, you also need to make a choice if you want to play online gambling games. So as long as you can play online betting to master it, there are a few things you need to know. Because when you play bets, you have to inherit losses in the game.

Always play online bets with wins that may be frequent or the amount of development is higher than losses. So there are some interesting secrets to know if you want to play online betting without losing.

Here, we will provide some absolute methods when playing at online gambling agents. Therefore, we also turn to the important topic of discussion in playing online gambling games by taking all this for yourself to determine how you can make bets.

Therefore, it is best to play online gambling in any way. which game, be careful. Because success and defeat can be obtained.

Even in online betting games, there are several settings that make the game enjoyable. Because online gambling games can be very easy for you to play after that of course you need to have lots of strategies that can be used as a way to find hidden wins, lots of real tips to be able to make glory and avoid defeat when playing online gambling games.

Playing Online Gambling Don’t Be Afraid to Lose!

Playing Online Gambling Don't Be Afraid to Lose

People usually make mistakes in playing by always playing too lustfully or can be said to be greedy. The most important rule of online gambling is that you must have a winning goal.

Because it’s noisy, players who have won big wins won’t stop playing Until then win big and lose neatly just attack to play This is why many online betting players often lose time playing all kinds of betting games.

Therefore, why it is very important for you to avoid mistakes Never regret the losses that befell you who have played together Because Everyone cares about one big business in every game or start gambling.

After all, you still have to have sufficient capital and after that it will work if it crashes instantly. Apart from that, you can also crash and play with the resources you are using.

Because you need to play with a strong heart and always see the opportunities that exist in every gambling game you play. Playing online gambling will be very demanding if you play with gratitude for achieving small wins.

Play this bet if you are not emotional and ignore it when you are worried about the bet. Never feel satisfied playing games to achieve great success together squandering attacks that are mistakes Promise to play continuously to get the desired victory.

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Tips and Tricks for Playing Card Gambling at an Online Casino

Tips and Tricks for Playing Card Gambling at an Online Casino

Do you often lose when playing card games at online casinos? Don’t worry about losing again, because we will provide Tips and Tricks for Playing Online Casino you can play on ibcbet Card Gambling so you don’t lose.

Indeed, the purpose of playing online gambling is to make a profit, right? So if you play all kinds of card games at online casinos, then you have to follow the steps below.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Card Gambling at an Online Casino

1. Knowing the Formula of the Gambling Game Played

In order not to lose in playing the game you choose, for example you play online ceme gambling, then you must know how to play ceme online to win easily.

Likewise in poker, blackjack, domino and other online card games, you have to learn the formulas and card arrangements that can make you win in gambling games.

By knowing the game formula, you can increase your chances of winning in various card gambling games at online casinos.

2. Analyze the Game

The thing that must be done in order to win various card games at online casinos is to analyze the flow of the game. By analyzing the game, you can find out or predict what cards will come out for each player.

Now when analyzing the game, you also have to follow the next step in playing card gambling at the Online Casino, which is playing with small bets.

3. Knowing the Time to Place Small to Big Bets

When analyzing card games at an Online Casino, the thing you must know is to place a small bet first so you don’t experience excessive losses when analyzing the course of the game.

By analyzing the game and starting with small bets, you will know when it is the right time to place even large and small bets. So knowing the game and placing small bets will make you play for a long time.

4. Play Patiently

The fatal mistake for beginner gambling players is usually being impatient in placing bets because they want to make as much profit as possible. Now this step is actually very wrong, placing high bets without analyzing the card game at the Online Casino is quite fatal because the possibility to win is only about 40% to win.

When playing card gambling at online casinos too, you have to determine the right time to stop playing whether you are winning a lot or you are losing. Because if you don’t stop playing at the right time, then the money you get can run out again because you are carried away by emotions when playing.

So it’s a good idea you have to be patient in playing and determine the right time to stop playing the card gambling game.

Pay Attention To This Before Choosing A Trusted Online Slot Site

Pay Attention To This Before Choosing A Trusted Online Slot Site

Pay attention to this  thing before choosing a trusted online slot site! Online gambling games, especially slots, are currently in great demand by many Indonesian people. In addition to getting many benefits, playing gambling can also produce a calm brain for a moment. You will also find new excitement and challenges from the sensation of playing gambling.

Slot gambling is one of the games that does not require a special strategy to win the prize. This type of game aims to get the best combination of photos and distort the high value. Even though it’s very easy to play, the game still has the biggest advantages and bonuses!

If you are interested in trying to play slots, immediately register with the agent who provides the game. But before choosing a gambling site agent, it’s a good idea to read the article first so you don’t make a mistake. Here are some things to consider when choosing a trusted online slot site.

Things to Pay Attention to Before Choosing a Trusted Online Slot Site

The reputation of trusted online slot sites is usually good

7. Poker Pejantan Karibia

The first thing that must be considered before registering is the good name of the gambling site. To find out and check the reputation of a trusted online slot site, you can prove it to look for reviews from previous customers via the internet or you can also directly ask friends who are very trusted. You can also ask for recommendations for a subscription online gambling agent from your closest acquaintances or relatives.

Spread of members throughout the region

1. Roulette

Another consideration is the number of parts owned by the site. The total number of members can indicate the level of professionalism of the gambling site. The more and wider the range of active members you have, the more trusted online slot sites are.

Provides 24-hour system support

6. Video Poker

You also have to make sure that the gambling agent of your choice has active customer service & is ready to help during a solid 24 hour period. This means that if a problem occurs, you can report it and the support team will immediately resolve the problem. In addition, another function of the support system is so that there is no cheating during the game.

Ease of transacting

8. Keno

Another thing that is no less important is the ease of transactions for the withdrawal and deposit process. Online gambling agents are always closely related to these transactions, so you have to make sure that the options gambling agents have collective work with local banks or e-wallets. This will make it easier for you when you want to buy a deposit and withdraw your gambling winnings. Also make sure all transactions made through the site are processed quickly and quietly.

Complete and varied games available

3. Blackjack

The last thing is a real gambling game on one website. This is so that you can play other games you like without having to switch to another site. The leading sites are those that have various types of gambling games and can be played 24 hours a day anywhere with support for almost all devices.

The Penalty of Choosing an Online Gambling Agent by Origin
Don’t make the mistake of choosing a slot site, if that happens then you will feel harmed by irresponsible parties. The deposit money will run out quickly because the fake site will not give you a win and always give up absolute defeat.

Fake sites also usually have humans or bots that can interfere with the game process. The intruder will harm you because it will never be conquered as well as any strategy that has been managed because the robot already knows the game. In addition to these 2 things, usually fake sites have unprofessional customer service, including being slow in responding and the information provided is not positive.

Before choosing a place to play online slots, you must be careful not to be easily fooled. We recommend that you ask for advice or recommendations for trusted online slot sites from your closest people or acquaintances so you don’t make the wrong choice.

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The Best Baccarat Strategy Ever!

The Best Baccarat Strategy Ever

Let’s be clear on one thing – no absolute Baccarat strategy can guarantee a win. Anyone who says he’s found his way is a Trump supporter or kid yelling, or even someone who claims to be an expert with no real bankroll evidence to back up his claim to be the inventor of this special technique. While no one strategy is absolute – due to the many probabilities involved in this game – there are a few rules you can follow to ensure a special playing experience at table Baccarat games.

How to Play Baccarat – Conclusion of the Rules of the Game

Conclusion of the Rules of the Game

First – learn the basics of the game. Make sure you understand all the rules, how each card is dealt and how much each is worth. Of course this can be very tedious if you are going to learn the ins and outs of the game like when the player stands and when the banker hits, but if you are betting money you need to have a perfect understanding of what is going on.

Although many people associate Baccarat with high-roller players dressed in fancy suits, winning at this game doesn’t require the level of intelligence and reading ability of a British Secret Service agent. In fact, this game is one of the simplest in the casino. Despite all its glitz, it’s basically a coin toss game, so once you’re familiar with all the nicknames and the stakes, you can start playing. To prepare you before playing in a swanky casino or playing at a live casino, here is a quick guide on how to play Baccarat on

Baccarat is played on an oval table resembling a peanut, consisting of 12 seats and 2 dealers, plus 1 caller. In front of each player, there are two choices – Player or Banker. Each player is required to place a bet before the cards are dealt and then choose between placing a bet on the Player card set or the Banker card set. There is also a third option – Tie if the set of cards in both Player and Banker hands have the same value. The version of Baccarat played in American casinos is called Punto Banco which means Player and Banker. After each player has placed their bets, each Player and Banker receive two cards. The winning card set is the one with the closest total to 9. So, if the Player’s hand is 8 and the Banker’s is 3, the winner is the Player. All players who place bets on Player are winners. If the set of cards in the hand are of the same value, each player who places a bet on the Player or Banker is considered a loser, and the winner is the player who places a bet on the third choice, namely Tie.

Baccarat Betting That Must Be Done And Avoid

Baccarat Betting That Must Be Done
The first step to winning is avoiding the Tie bet. It’s not a matter of liking or disliking, but risking your money on a bet that has a 14% house edge is not the best way to win. Next, if you already understand the comparison – although these two choices seem simple because there are only two choices – both Player and Banker, each has a different chance of winning as follows:

  • Banker – 45.843%
  • Players – 44.615%
  • Tie – 9.543%

*There is a commission for selecting the Banker bet so make sure you understand this before placing a bet.

Bet on Banker

Bet on Banker
With a higher win rate, placing a bet on the Banker seems the right choice. Many experts would suggest betting on this option as the estimated win rate can be as high as 50% — one of the reasons why casinos add a 5% commission to this option. Even with this commission, the Banker is still the top choice for many players – both beginners and experienced. Many experts also suggest to always place bets on the Banker to lose because the win rate is higher. It is recommended to wait one turn after the defeat of the Banker before switching to the Player option.

One thing to note is that the terms hot/cold table and win/lose sequences are just myths created based on the defeats of online gamblers. Many things can happen because of probabilities. There is no mathematical proof that can prove this, so we advise against believing things like this.

Bet on Player

Bet on Player
While betting on the Banker is assumed to be the better option, it is slightly different if you use a certain strategy. If you consider the commission in Banker bets, this option becomes less promising if you use progressions. For example, you play Martingale – if you double your bet after every loss, after four consecutive losses with a 10-unit bet, you will lose 150-units (10+20+40+80).

You bet on the Banker again and this time you bet 160. In the end, you win and the amount you receive is 304 units. It consists of betting 160 units plus 160 units of winnings, minus 5% commission. The total amount you bet is 310 (10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160) which means that even if you win, you have not covered your losses thanks to the negative progression and commission. Your total net loss is 6 units. A similar streak of losses if you bet on the Player is a gain of 1 unit, which is 10. Even though the win rate is smaller, this option is better if you play according to the system.

Tie bet options

Tie bet options
Baccarat is known as the casino game with the lowest house edge, however, the choice of Tie can change this reputation. Banker’s option is recommended because of the low edge rate of 1.06%, Player’s choice is also a good choice because the house edge is only 1.26%. Let’s take a look at Tie’s options – with a house edge of 14.4%, an unreasonable choice. Logically, placing your money in an option that only offers under 10% odds and the possibility of paying only 14 units for every 100 units wagered is not the best option. Therefore, the most sensible thing is to avoid this option and pretend like this option does not exist. Tie is useless, as your bet will only wait for the next turn. If you get a Tie, you don’t have to take this into account and just keep playing as usual.

Using a Betting System to Play Baccarat – It’s Not Ridiculous If It Works
Some of the techniques used at tables and other card games can be applied to the game of Baccarat. Simple strategies like D’Alembert, to more complex ones like the Labouchere system can help you win the game of Baccarat. Positive progression systems such as Parlay and Paroli or negative progressions can also be applied. To find out more about popular betting systems such as the Fibonacci progression or the 1-3-2-6 system, please read more on our dedicated Baccarat betting system page.

Positive Progression System

Positive Progression System
Using a positive progression means that you keep increasing your bet every time you win and decreasing it every time you lose. Positive progression is considered less detrimental to your bankroll when compared to negative progression betting systems. This is used to maximize wins if you are in a winning streak and minimize losses if you are in a losing streak. In theory, this makes a lot of sense and is very likely to help you win more money if you get a few draws, and reduce losses if you get a series of losses. Positive progression will not affect your chances of winning or losing, and is generally not risky at all.

Negative Progression System

Negative Progression System
Negative progression is the opposite of positive progression, and can hurt your bankroll. In essence, this system suggests that you increase the bet amount every time you lose and decrease it if you win. S

The 4 most popular types of online card games in Indonesia today

The 4 most popular types of online card games in Indonesia today

In online poker betting games played with cards, you will find a lot. And there are many players who are interested in games, some are playing as entertainment such as pragmatic casino. There are also players who play for luck in the games that are being created.

In addition, the challenge and feeling of making separate bets in a card game is a complaint with the betting card and other opponents sitting at the betting table. Online gambling games that use cards certainly have a game atmosphere that you can enjoy, of course it will create an atmosphere in a different game that is much more tense when you play cards with your opponent.



Poker games are one of the most popular online gambling games in online gambling games. Not only in Indonesia, now it has reached all over the world for fans and online poker betting sites. Card game with 52 cards. Which will be distributed to the players who bet the game. The game of poker is for the player who has the highest number of card values ​​in this bet. It will be the winner according to the rules of the game that have been made in accordance with the provisions.

The highest bet rank found in the trusted domino qq gambling poker betting game is the super royal flush. Royal flush. Straight flush. Four types. Three types of houses. Two couples. Two couples. One pair . For card games with super-real and colorful ratings, you will get a bonus. What happens if you place a bet with chips when making a bet? Then, for the poker table, there are 9 seats. In addition to 6 seats so the number of all players who can compete with each other for a winning bet is in the middle of the table.

Domino QQ and Bandar Q

In the game of domination qq betting and bookie q which has been loved by many online players. Because both bets are made by players at the betting table using dominoes. In the game I dominate that there are 6 players at the table who collide cards. For the player who has the highest rank, the winner will get the bet. In the game, players will receive up to 4 cards for each player participating in the bet. With these 4 cards, the player must get the highest ranking card combination. For the highest-ranking card in a game of dominoes, QQ is the number 9, which is also called the cue. What if 2 cards have the number 9 and the other 2 cards also have the same number 9. Then it will be the highest rank in the game bet.

As for the online bookie Q game, this is a game played by 8 players at the betting table. Where there are 7 people in the player position and 1 person in the banker position. The dealer is the player with the most funds, and the chips must have at least 1 times the maximum available on the betting table.



On the part of the casino game dealer there are also games made using cards. Player Banker so that players can compete with the dealer. This game is made by selecting the banker or draw player who will appear in the bet. What happens if you bet by selecting the player column and the card is bigger than the bank?

Then you will win the bet, and vice versa. You can also win in a tie bet and what bet you win if the player rank and banker card have the same total value. Then you will win the bet.

Capsa Susun

The Capsa stacking game is played by making a combination of cards in 13 cards which will be distributed to each player. The betting table consists of only 4 players who will then make a comparison of the most valuable combinations on the 13 cards that have been arranged. What happens if you arrange the cards and have the highest ranking card combination? Then you will win bets up to 3 times more than the other 3 players.

As mentioned above for the 4 types of online gambling games that use cards you need to try. Also, if you are a beginner, it is necessary to try to make one of these games. All of these games are available on the Trusted Poker Gambling online site. Play using the technique of arranging cards that can lead you to the win you want. Hopefully useful, thank you.

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Common Mistakes When Playing Roulette Online

Common Mistakes When Playing Roulette Online

The popularity of online roulette games for real money is increasing day by day in Indonesia. Currently, there are indeed many groups of Indonesian gamblers who play casino roulette with an online scheme. But the magnitude of this roulette gambling enthusiast is not matched by success. There are many from the group of gamblers who lose and lose. This happens because there are many mistakes below that are often done.

Play Real Money Online Roulette Gambling at a Random Dealer

The first mistake that is often made by online roulette gamblers is choosing a casino at random. At the same time, along with the large number of roulette enthusiasts, there are more and more suppliers of this game. Countless how many of the online casinos provide this type of roulette game on the internet.

However, the thing that needs to be known, not all of these real money online roulette dealers can be trusted. That’s right, lastly, many players ended up not making big profits because they were wrong in determining the dealer. Online bookies are now starting to have bad service. It’s not just the service that’s bad, but one of them is that many do naughty things so that their members don’t win.

Of course, this is one of the reasons why some of you are still having trouble winning. Therefore, when you play online roulette, you must be selective in choosing a dealer. Look for as much information as possible from the city that you want to play as a place to play before you register.

Roulette Online Game

Don’t Learn the Roulette Game Well and Correctly

The next mistake that many online roulette gamblers still make is not learning the game of roulette correctly and well. Real money online roulette is an easy game where you only guess what the dealer spins on the ball. But the thing that is aimed at is not only that, not just at the point of knowing how to play.

So when you want to play roulette online, you must also know how the game is, how the trick is to play the game. By studying deeply, of course you will find it easier to make profits. So if you are still at the point where you are playing gambling without any proper preparation, replace that immediately.

Surely by now there have been several articles or videos that explain how to play real money online roulette gambling tricks and tips. You can learn it first before you want to make big profits from the roulette betting table. In addition, practice first in the offline roulette game so that your potential is better, and when you get down at the betting table, you are ready.

Don’t Set Clear Winning Goals

The next fallacy is goal setting. It is clear, there are still few or no online roulette gambling players in who place clear goals when gambling roulette. This is a fatal mistake. Setting a winning goal can be important. Because having a goal can be a certain motivation when you are at the betting table.

Having your goals set gives bettors more control over themselves. Because with this goal adnaya, when you have reached or exceeded the goal, you can stop playing. So if you, some players, haven’t applied your goals when playing real money online roulette, then you have to start right away.

What You Need To Know About The Online Gambling Trends In 2021

What You Need To Know About The Online Gambling Trends In 2021

2021 has been an amazing year for the new casino filled with new features, incentives, better odds and more exciting options. All of these factors are attractive elements for both new and experienced casino players. Some insight base on sbobetmobile into the new trends of Indonesia’s best trusted and best online gambling sites in 2021.

Before several years playing online casinos was often the preferred desktop computer platform. However, nowadays mobile gaming is the dominant gaming platform. Even software developers prefer to make games without HTML 5 code.From the best online casinos like the Winclub88 content, the trusted online slot gambling site in this article is collected. These are all about the top trends in 2021 that will shape the online casino industry:

Virtual Reality Casino

Now, the online gambling industry believes in Virtual Reality games as reality. Players can experience an aesthetically immersive experience as a physical casino from a VR-enabled casino. By 2021, VR casinos might generate $ 250 billion in the casino industry.

E-Sports Betting

Over the last few years, a popular gambling field among bettors is sports betting. Primarily, it is one of the fastest growing areas in the casino industry market. Most of the countries where sports betting is prohibited now allow it by making changes to their laws, and one of these is New Zealand.

Some of the favorite e-sports bets are football, baseball, tennis and basketball. Gamers are more interested in playing e-sports betting because it is affordable and convenient to use cellphones and secure payment methods.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

As technology advances, a new banking method is a digital currency which is also called Crypto-currency. For new players, there is always a problem with the cryptocurrency transaction method is the solution to that problem. Cryptocurrencies include bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many more. Many casinos contain this coin in their payment method.

The most popular and well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin in most online casinos. The first digital currency to impact digital transactions was Bitcoin. It is one of the more secure, reliable and fast payment methods than any other digital currency. This provides secure transactions and keeps hackers out of funds.

Live Dealer Games

All players now have the opportunity to play real live dealer games. Blackjack, poker, baccarat, sic bo, roulette and many more are all part of live casino gaming. You will have the opportunity to enjoy light, sound and human interaction in a physical casino. In this type of live play, the dealer can move around the studio, and players can interact in real-time with modern cameras and sensors.

This live dealer game also provides live chat for the dealer. This is a way to approach a traditional casino experience without leaving your premises. This is undoubtedly one of the major technological innovations on Indonesian online gambling sites.