8 Winning Strategy On Baccarat Online

5 Winning Strategy On Baccarat Online

This time we will give a few tips on how to win Baccarat Online which sometimes the players still grumble about his defeat. For you lovers of online casino gambling, of course you are familiar with this game. Baccarat is the easiest casino game and most often played by casino players without having to require special skills. Where the players only need to guess which card has the greater value between the Player and the Banker, or the Player can also choose Tie / Draw bets.

We will provide tips that can improve your Baccarat game in an effort to win every bet you will play. Although the Baccarat game is easy to understand, the following tips must be followed in order to maximize your betting profits in achieving consistent wins.

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1. Don’t Follow the Pattern on the Baccarat Table

When first learning to play Baccarat, beginners will often follow this one strategy. Some say if you want to win Baccarat then consider the pattern. Many online Baccarat tables show the results of certain games, whether the winner is Banker, Player or Tie. Chances of Baccarat victory can be likened to determining whether the coin toss will appear is a head or a tail. Feeling strength is really needed here. Although you can try to determine the outcome that will appear, there is no way to determine a sure method of victory. Have fun and don’t think too much about the order of the patterns. Mind burden and inner pressure will make the feelings contained in your brain become stiff. In the end you will enjoy Baccarat more if you do not track the pattern of each game, this factor is also one of the supporters of your victory in play that is very influential.

2. Make Smart Baccarat Bets

When you play Baccarat Online, you may often wonder about choosing which bet is better; Banker or Player? Because bets on Bankers are subject to a 5% commission discount, this bet does not look attractive to new players. But statistically, betting on Banker is a safer bet even though there are deductions for each win. Banker bets winnings are usually around 50.68% and Player bets are only 49.32%. Maybe this is not a big difference, but a small percentage of this will be transformed into a stable profit over time (recommended to play in the long run).

3. Forget Tie / Draw Baccarat Betting

Professional Baccarat players will probably tell you if a Tie bet is the worst bet for you to place. Payment for Tie bets may be very tempting, but you must be very lucky to get a win from this draw bet because the winning percentage is only 9%. Many professional Baccarat players are reluctant to use this bet, unless you are a psychic and accurately predict what will happen, placing a Tie bet is totally unfeasible and can ruin the fortune of your victory.

4. Try to Play Online Gambling with a Short

Every Baccarat player often experiences a series of short wins which then decline which can turn into a huge loss of a sudden. Unlike the Blackjack Game, where if you play long it will get a profitable increase, Baccarat is likened to a short run compared to a marathon. The trick in winning Baccarat is to make sure to raise it up and control it for as long as you can. Avoid greed or ego or stop for a moment before things get worse. As a brief strategy from the conclusions above, you can play for 10-15 minutes then pause before things get worse. Or replacing a table is also a way out that you can use.

5. Playing a hunch to determine your bet


Sometimes uncertainty can be a good thing for some people, playing with a hunch based on a hunch is what makes gambling a lot of fun. A hunch is a gift that God gives to mankind, like a special skill. Statistically this does not reduce your chances of victory. It may often be heard about the luck of a beginner, or a beginner who doesn’t understand what they are doing but is able to bring home a big win, this is the type of player who usually has the most fun playing or doesn’t make the game difficult. The potential to win lots of money will increase if you have a typical playing like that. In the Baccarat game, sometimes too much thinking can create defeat, so don’t forget to enjoy the game. According to findings at a university in New York, the percentage of the truth of a human premonition is 78.2%. So don’t be afraid to make decisions that come from your hunch.

6. Another supporting factor for his victory

These are the strategies that you can apply in playing online casino gambling Baccarat in the game. But actually there are many more factors determining you to win in playing Gambling Online Baccarat, such as the gambling agent site where you play or the speed of the baccarat game server itself, until your internet connection can also have a big influence in playing online gambling. Maybe for other factors outside the in-game game Baccarat itself, we will explain in the next article.


7. Avoid fraudulent gambling under the guise of official agents

There are so many victims from old players who play online casinos on the sites of online gambling fraudsters who then turn to other gambling agent sites. What kind of fraud does online gambling agents do? Some gambling agents who are intended to cheat are gambling agents on behalf of the official license of fake gambling agents, who then often do not pay the winnings of the members who succeed in winning on the site so that the player is blocked. Once again pay attention to where you are playing, suspicious or not, crowded or not, how is the service.


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