The First Online Gaming Using VR Technology

The first online gaming using VR technology

About Live Casino

Alive Casino is an online gaming platform designed to seamlessly integrate Blockchain and take advantage of the latest developments in VR technology. Online casinos make previously unseen inroads into the traditional gaming community by offering players all the games and guarantees that physical casinos can offer, while maintaining anonymity and favoring convenience, immediacy and practicality. Furthermore, Alive has developed several partnerships and adopted the technology needed to provide players with various opportunities, including VR games that will be played from day one. Thanks to the 360º view of our virtual casino, the player feels as if he is inside a real 3D casino where players can spin the reels and discover truly interactive slot games. The VR experience continues with the possibility of enjoying live dealer games seamlessly integrated into the VR Casino. The player will not only be able to interact with his dealer in real time but even chat with him, just like he might in a brick-and-mortar casino.

The goal of Alive Casino is to provide a cutting-edge gaming experience that integrates the best of online casinos with the charm and interactivity of the physical. For Alive Casino, the social experience is a priority and hence the social networking features have been integrated into the casino at every level. The combination of social interaction, meeting new friends and communicating with the dealer itself will take the social experience to the next level. Through the integration of proven social-media features, proven gaming and cutting-edge VR technology, Alive strives to provide an extraordinary gaming experience.

How Alive Casino works

How Alive Casino works
The product from Alive Casino is the first online gaming platform using VR technology that allows us to play online games at home by enjoying a real casino with a 360-degree view. With this VR technology it is possible for us to play all kinds of games available in real casinos, we can also engage directly with live dealers, spin the reels, and play other VR games. With this VR technology, we are in a real casino. For those who don’t know what VR is, here’s a brief explanation, namely technology that allows users to interact with an environment that is simulated by a computer, an actual environment that is imitated or truly an environment that only exists in imagination.

Transactions that take place at Alive Casino are visible to everyone on the Alive network because it uses blockchain technology. This means that when dishonest practices are committed, everyone will know about it. This makes Alive Casino the most transparent digital casino. And Alive Casino will also create a utility token that will be used to access all products and services on the platform.

Virtual Reality Casino

The most advanced VR technology will deliver for the future without their convenience. Don’t have headphones? We’re Rated To Have A Lot Of Non-VR Games!

Our distributors have our own

Live Casino dealers work for you! The token folder and community players will be in full contact with the internal dealer team and their managers. Fun, safe and transparent protection is guaranteed.

Token holders get 40%

40% of Alive Casino profits will be distributed to token holders every three months. Alive Casino is a community, not just a business!

Experience virtual reality experience
Alive Casino is the world’s first cryptocurrency casino to integrate VR technology. In addition to our traditional online gaming options, for the future Alive can enjoy live games in HD and VR video. Don’t have a VR headset yet? Don’t worry! You will be able to get one in life.

Direct seller

The dealer at ion club is an expert not only in card matters, but also and player comfort. All Live dealers will be required to have full on social media and will be available to be “friends” of each player.

Live study development

By cooperating to put our BetConstruct in place, we are planning to become a member of our own Live Studio. Life will only get no benefit from having your own dealer as well but will by reducing the cost of using a third party seller, distributing it to more long-term holders of big hearted life.

Live system features

Live Development Team Will Checklist Checklist Verify Multi-Platform System Which in Wallet, to enable Multi-Currency Gaming through Blockchain.

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