The Best Baccarat Strategy Ever!

The Best Baccarat Strategy Ever

Let’s be clear on one thing – no absolute Baccarat strategy can guarantee a win. Anyone who says he’s found his way is a Trump supporter or kid yelling, or even someone who claims to be an expert with no real bankroll evidence to back up his claim to be the inventor of this special technique. While no one strategy is absolute – due to the many probabilities involved in this game – there are a few rules you can follow to ensure a special playing experience at table Baccarat games.

How to Play Baccarat – Conclusion of the Rules of the Game

Conclusion of the Rules of the Game

First – learn the basics of the game. Make sure you understand all the rules, how each card is dealt and how much each is worth. Of course this can be very tedious if you are going to learn the ins and outs of the game like when the player stands and when the banker hits, but if you are betting money you need to have a perfect understanding of what is going on.

Although many people associate Baccarat with high-roller players dressed in fancy suits, winning at this game doesn’t require the level of intelligence and reading ability of a British Secret Service agent. In fact, this game is one of the simplest in the casino. Despite all its glitz, it’s basically a coin toss game, so once you’re familiar with all the nicknames and the stakes, you can start playing. To prepare you before playing in a swanky casino or playing at a live casino, here is a quick guide on how to play Baccarat on

Baccarat is played on an oval table resembling a peanut, consisting of 12 seats and 2 dealers, plus 1 caller. In front of each player, there are two choices – Player or Banker. Each player is required to place a bet before the cards are dealt and then choose between placing a bet on the Player card set or the Banker card set. There is also a third option – Tie if the set of cards in both Player and Banker hands have the same value. The version of Baccarat played in American casinos is called Punto Banco which means Player and Banker. After each player has placed their bets, each Player and Banker receive two cards. The winning card set is the one with the closest total to 9. So, if the Player’s hand is 8 and the Banker’s is 3, the winner is the Player. All players who place bets on Player are winners. If the set of cards in the hand are of the same value, each player who places a bet on the Player or Banker is considered a loser, and the winner is the player who places a bet on the third choice, namely Tie.

Baccarat Betting That Must Be Done And Avoid

Baccarat Betting That Must Be Done
The first step to winning is avoiding the Tie bet. It’s not a matter of liking or disliking, but risking your money on a bet that has a 14% house edge is not the best way to win. Next, if you already understand the comparison – although these two choices seem simple because there are only two choices – both Player and Banker, each has a different chance of winning as follows:

  • Banker – 45.843%
  • Players – 44.615%
  • Tie – 9.543%

*There is a commission for selecting the Banker bet so make sure you understand this before placing a bet.

Bet on Banker

Bet on Banker
With a higher win rate, placing a bet on the Banker seems the right choice. Many experts would suggest betting on this option as the estimated win rate can be as high as 50% — one of the reasons why casinos add a 5% commission to this option. Even with this commission, the Banker is still the top choice for many players – both beginners and experienced. Many experts also suggest to always place bets on the Banker to lose because the win rate is higher. It is recommended to wait one turn after the defeat of the Banker before switching to the Player option.

One thing to note is that the terms hot/cold table and win/lose sequences are just myths created based on the defeats of online gamblers. Many things can happen because of probabilities. There is no mathematical proof that can prove this, so we advise against believing things like this.

Bet on Player

Bet on Player
While betting on the Banker is assumed to be the better option, it is slightly different if you use a certain strategy. If you consider the commission in Banker bets, this option becomes less promising if you use progressions. For example, you play Martingale – if you double your bet after every loss, after four consecutive losses with a 10-unit bet, you will lose 150-units (10+20+40+80).

You bet on the Banker again and this time you bet 160. In the end, you win and the amount you receive is 304 units. It consists of betting 160 units plus 160 units of winnings, minus 5% commission. The total amount you bet is 310 (10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160) which means that even if you win, you have not covered your losses thanks to the negative progression and commission. Your total net loss is 6 units. A similar streak of losses if you bet on the Player is a gain of 1 unit, which is 10. Even though the win rate is smaller, this option is better if you play according to the system.

Tie bet options

Tie bet options
Baccarat is known as the casino game with the lowest house edge, however, the choice of Tie can change this reputation. Banker’s option is recommended because of the low edge rate of 1.06%, Player’s choice is also a good choice because the house edge is only 1.26%. Let’s take a look at Tie’s options – with a house edge of 14.4%, an unreasonable choice. Logically, placing your money in an option that only offers under 10% odds and the possibility of paying only 14 units for every 100 units wagered is not the best option. Therefore, the most sensible thing is to avoid this option and pretend like this option does not exist. Tie is useless, as your bet will only wait for the next turn. If you get a Tie, you don’t have to take this into account and just keep playing as usual.

Using a Betting System to Play Baccarat – It’s Not Ridiculous If It Works
Some of the techniques used at tables and other card games can be applied to the game of Baccarat. Simple strategies like D’Alembert, to more complex ones like the Labouchere system can help you win the game of Baccarat. Positive progression systems such as Parlay and Paroli or negative progressions can also be applied. To find out more about popular betting systems such as the Fibonacci progression or the 1-3-2-6 system, please read more on our dedicated Baccarat betting system page.

Positive Progression System

Positive Progression System
Using a positive progression means that you keep increasing your bet every time you win and decreasing it every time you lose. Positive progression is considered less detrimental to your bankroll when compared to negative progression betting systems. This is used to maximize wins if you are in a winning streak and minimize losses if you are in a losing streak. In theory, this makes a lot of sense and is very likely to help you win more money if you get a few draws, and reduce losses if you get a series of losses. Positive progression will not affect your chances of winning or losing, and is generally not risky at all.

Negative Progression System

Negative Progression System
Negative progression is the opposite of positive progression, and can hurt your bankroll. In essence, this system suggests that you increase the bet amount every time you lose and decrease it if you win. S